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Make your business more efficient with bespoke software

The term “bespoke” has certain connotations. People may think of it in terms of fancy suits and therefore in terms of cost. But there is another aspect to the term that is worth thinking about- bespoke software is about software that has been specifically tailored to suit your needs.

A typical business cliché is “time is money”. When it comes to your software, this is undoubtedly true. The longer it takes to process a transaction, the less chance a customer will come back to you next time. This is just one example of the ways that you can make your business more efficient with bespoke software.

Grows with you

In some cases you may be tempted with a standard software package. This may be fine for a while. However, what happens when your business grows? It may be that you have to get the premium version of your current package and that will involve increased costs.

With a bespoke setup, when your business grows the software can adapt to meet your requirements.

Get what you pay for

Another aspect of efficiency is whether or not you are paying for a package that is right for you. There is the danger that if you buy an “off the shelf” option then you are paying for a load of features you don’t need. Furthermore, it can be distracting, especially for new members of your team who may not be aware of what programs are relevant for their work (which can further harm productivity as people have to go over and address any issues they may have.)

Dealing with risk

With some businesses, you may use a function on a regular basis. While this is fine for a small number of users while using standard software, this becomes riskier when the amount of traffic increases. Given you want traffic to increase (and with it the chance of more sales) it is better to use the bespoke option to counter any potential risk.

Get ahead of the competition

Another issue with software that is based on a uniform package is that other businesses in your field are likely to have it as well. While some may argue this means you have an even playing field, if you are a new company this means people will most likely be biased toward a more established company.

Therefore it is better to get a bespoke software setup in as early as possible, to show that you are investing more into the customer experience and that you are taking positive steps to making your business better.

We can help

Streamsoft offers bespoke software solutions specifically designed for businesses and to help them as they grow, adapting as necessary. For more information on our process (we involve you from initial pitch, initial demo, right through to the final live testing) please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your software requirements in more detail to find the best solution for you.