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Five industries that can benefit from bespoke software

When talking about bespoke software, it can sound like something designed for certain businesses, only suitable for specific niche requirements. In fact, there are a wide array of potential applications and these are just five industries that can benefit from using bespoke software.


Bespoke software can make the recruitment process easier and more efficient. It allows you to match potential recruits to a job with one click, share a calendar so that you can properly schedule interviews and ensure that CVs are safely stored within the cloud.

Phone centres

One of the major benefits of using bespoke software is the implementation of automation. Put quite simply, it takes out a lot of the unnecessary timewasting that can make a phone centre inefficient.

The chances are at some point you have called someone, given your details, got transferred, got the wrong department, gave details again before finally getting your issue resolved. This is frustrating. However, an automated system that directs you to the correct department, ensures that information does not need to be repeated and in some cases automatically responds to some queries can cut out a lot of hassle, both for the company and the client.


In recent times there has been a move away from card and paper based loyalty schemes. One issue is people lose cards, while there is also the danger of people “gaming the system” with filled in cards. This is not so easy when it comes to an electronic loyalty system.

There are also other potential features such as QR codes or online ordering, all of which can make an eaterie more efficient (no more arguments over who had the starter or how much to add for the tip!)


Having a software setup specifically tailored can cut out a lot of issues within the manufacturing process. Among other aspects this can include single click conversions (cutting down manufacturing and shipping process time), synchronised production processes and financial reports to allow for better savings management.


Within the healthcare system there is the chance to make the process a lot more efficient. A tailored solution reduces the risk of doubled invoices, while an app for patients can help with their diagnosis and help them see where they can improve their individual healthcare, as well as allowing for easier access to patient data.

Why go bespoke?

As the name suggests, a bespoke setup has been designed for a company and their requirements in particular. For example, the needs of a small GP’s office are going to be different than the needs of a large hospital and as such the software used should be attuned to their requirements.

We can help

At Streamsoft, we believe in talking to our clients, getting a better understanding of what they want and how our software can benefit in both the short and the long term. To find out more or to discuss a brief in more detail please contact us today.