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Develop your business with bespoke software

It is easy to forget that a lot of big name businesses and multinationals started out from small beginnings, whether it was unloading records from the back of a truck or roaming the country trying out fried chicken recipes. In the modern era, businesses can grow all quicker than you might think and a big way that can happen is via the right bespoke software.

It’s more affordable now

There was a time when bespoke software seemed like something exclusive. In recent times it has become more affordable and this means it is easier for companies to reap the benefit.

When thinking about the cost, it is also worth remembering the costs that don’t come with a bespoke option. You don’t have to worry about licensing, plus you don’t have retrain everyone each time you need to bring in a replacement for the software you used previously that your company has now outgrown.

A brand opportunity

If you have your own custom software, this means it is something that your competitors don’t have. This can be a marketing tool in and of itself, allowing customers to provide their feedback and meaning you can adjust according to their needs, rather than trying to figure out a way around a limited setup or having to replace it with a new one.

There is also the added benefit of more security, because it is harder for hackers to use known exploits on a bespoke system.

Time is money

The old phrase “time is money” is a true adage in business. Time spent on repetitive tasks could be spent on selling. With automated features, you can take out a lot of needless work for your team and also make for a better interaction with customers.

For example, more automated information filled in reduces the need for people to give details over the phone, something that can often frustrate customers when they are looking to resolve an issue.

A whole process

No bespoke software setup is the same as any other. With Streamsoft, our process starts with the initial discussion with the client. We want to know what you are trying to achieve, the end goal that comes with using this software. It is not just about making your day to day life easier but also pushing you forward toward your ultimate goals and ambitions.

This is why we are always in contact with our clients during the development process. We guide you through each element, showing you what the features do, testing as necessary. We are there right up to the point where the software goes live.

Talk to us

At Streamsoft, we want to hear from you and we want to know what you want. We will listen to what you want so that we can adjust according to your initial brief and then tailor it as we go along. For more information on how a bespoke software setup could specifically do for your business please contact us today.