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What is bespoke software?

You have probably seen articles discussing the benefit of bespoke software. But what is it? More specifically, how can using bespoke software help more than using a more standard “off the peg” equivalent? This is something that is worth knowing as it could be a massive benefit to your business, both in the short and…

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A Guide To Creating Food Ordering Software

You have probably been to a major chain restaurant and seen people ordering food via apps and software. This can help save time, both for the restaurant and the customer. What you may not realise is that it is possible to create your own food ordering software, allowing your customers the same ease of use…

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How do I get more restaurant bookings

get more restaurant bookings

A mobile App for your takeaway is a powerful tool that can help grow your business and provide a simple way to reach new and existing customers. Promote your business, provide discounts and offer brand loyalty. 91% of smartphone users searched for a restaurant App. 73% of customers like placing orders quickly and without hassle.…

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Top 5 issues companies have with data

Increasingly, data is becoming part of every business. Whether it is logging in details for a company email newsletter or securing people’s details during an e-commerce transaction, data is something that companies need to be aware of and handle properly. These are the top 5 issues companies have with data. Security This is one of…

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Increase productivity with bespoke software

You may have heard the saying “Don’t work harder- work smarter.” Sometimes people may find themselves working very hard at tasks that do not result in increased productivity. One issue with this can be the software you use. Here are a few examples of how to increase productivity with bespoke software. Troubleshooting One problem with…

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