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Technical Troubleshooting For Your Business

Technology is becoming a crucial part for more and more businesses. Whether it’s a café being able to take pre-orders via an app, or allowing office workers to do their work remotely, it offers a lot of opportunities. With that, there is also the potential for problems and issues, which is why it is important to have someone to hand that can handle technical troubleshooting for your business.

Accessing your own data

One problem with an “off the shelf” software setup is that it is not always appropriate when it comes to who can or can’t access data. This can cause issues as people are delayed getting into systems (something that can be especially frustrating for customers if you are working in a call centre).

Having a more bespoke setup cuts out a lot of access issues, as you can adjust it as necessary. Furthermore, you do not have to enter information multiple times (another factor that can result in delays and frustration).

Streamline operations

People often talk about productivity, reducing wasted time, and getting the most out of people while they are working. One method of increasing productivity is by removing unnecessary work. One example is by using a chatbot program. There are certain questions that come up time and time again. Rather than continually telling people what time you are open during the bank holiday, the chatbot can answer that for you, freeing up more time to deal with more complex enquiries.

There are also other benefits – for example, using an app for a loyalty scheme rather than paper or card cuts out a lot of issues. You don’t have to worry about people losing their cards, while at the same time still getting the benefit of repeated custom and increased customer loyalty.

Built around you

Any software system should be built around you, not you and your team trying to think about how to work around the limitations of the system you have. This is why when we create a bespoke system, we work closely with our clients, so they know what we are doing and can see as it progresses.

Going through the initial testing phase makes it easier to spot any potential issues in a system before going live. This then means this is tailored toward your requirements. Furthermore, we are there when a new system goes live so that if anything needs to be adjusted, we can do so.

Here for you

At Streamsoft, we work with you from the initial blank page right through to when you go live. Communication with our clients is important, so you can always know what is happening with the program. Bespoke systems are different for each individual client, so we are always aware that different aspects will have to be adjusted to suit any potential issues they have that may not crop up elsewhere.

If you would like to know more or to discuss your individual requirements in more detail, please contact us today.