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Take the hassle out of dining- Food ordering apps for your business

As restaurants are becoming busier again, a lot of people are finding themselves having to remember the solutions to common dining issues. How do we split the cheque when the bill comes? What if we need to get to the cinema and can’t wait for someone to come with the bill? Can we still get food delivered? These are just a few of the issues that can be addressed by creating bespoke food ordering apps for your business.

“I don’t know what I want”

The fact is even the most experienced of foodies will come across dishes they don’t know. Therefore it’s not always immediately obvious from a dish’s name or description what it is. An app can not only provide information but provide images, making it easier for people to gauge what they want to order.

“I haven’t got cash on me”

When the bill arrives for food, a number of issues can come up. Figuring out who had what, the fairest way to split the bill and indeed waiting for someone to arrive with the bill.

A food app can cut out a lot of these issues in various ways. For example, it is possible to pre-order before you arrive or when you are there. No need for waiting staff to come to the table because you have already paid the bill. It is also possible to pay via Paypal as an alternative to cash or credit card.

“I need to cancel”

An app booking system makes it easier to schedule in reservations but equally can make it easier for people to cancel if they need to. This is especially important for restaurants as they can lose out if people cancel at short notice.

“I can’t find my loyalty card”

What is better than a nice cup of coffee? How about a nice cup of coffee you get for free? While this is great, sometimes your loyalty card can get lost amongst the business cards, papers and other unknown items in your wallet, meaning you miss out on your well-earned freebie.

With an app, you can bypass this because the system can add the stamps virtually rather than with a pen or a stamp. For cafes, this can also circumvent the issue of anyone trying to use pens to try and scam their way into some free beverages.

“Can I pay on delivery?”

Food ordering apps can also be used for food delivery, with the added benefit that your own bespoke service doesn’t require an additional third party. It is also possible to use an app to order food and still pay cash on delivery if that is what you prefer.

We want to help

Every business is different and Streamsoft believe in a bespoke approach, not one size fits all. To learn more about how we can develop a food ordering app to suit your business please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.