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Organising Your Business In 2020

People often talk about “New Year New Me.” Equally, this can apply to your business. Making your business more efficient and organised can make you more productive and encourage growth. Here are a few tips to organising your business in 2020.

What are your goals?

A good start to increasing the efficiency of your business is to define your goals. Simply saying, “Make more money” is not enough. Think about what you achieved in 2019 and build from there. For example, if you run a bakery and you sold 10 buns in a day, a goal could be to increase that to 12.

This can improve your focus. It is also important to keep evaluating those goals and what you could do to improve it. For example, could you cut costs by buying ingredients in bulk?

Manage your workforce

Another aspect in organising your business is keeping your workforce happy and motivated. One part of this is ensuring there is a reasonable distribution of work, keeping people engaged, and not feeling that someone has been singled out to take on too much of the workload.

This can equally apply to gauging performance. Rewarding people for hitting targets (either individually or as part of a group) will improve motivation. The best way to do that is to use software to track performance as well as scheduling workloads.


It is vital that you plan out as much in advance as possible. For example, in an office, you should be able to gauge how much stationery you need so that when you order it in, you have enough and do not run out at crucial moments. Furthermore, it also means you do not spend excessive amounts on things that you don’t need.

This can also be done on a personal level- setting yourself the most important tasks for the day and ensuring that they are completed. Using custom software will make it easier to set reminders and schedule tasks accordingly.

Stick to commitments

If you say you will pay an invoice within 30 days, then you should do that as soon as possible. There is an old saying in business, “underpromise, overdeliver.” Ideally, you should aim to get things done ahead of time as much as possible, as this will mean companies are more likely to choose you over less reliable rivals.

This is where communication is important- keep on top of vital emails, check to see what needs to be prioritised. One way of doing this is by using automated systems elsewhere, such as a chatbot to handle frequently asked questions, thereby freeing time to deal with other enquiries.

We can help

At Streamsoft, our custom tailor-made software is created with the needs of our clients in mind. We work closely with you, going over the options at an early stage, as well as updating you through the initial test phase before launch, allowing tweaks to be made as necessary.

For more information or to discuss your needs in more detail, please contact us today.