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No more double booking- Why your business needs a booking system

A lot of businesses need to schedule events. It may be that you are a venue that hosts all kinds of occasions from weddings to comic book conventions or a restaurant that wants to ensure there are people dining on the day. There is always the danger that someone can make a mistake, resulting in a dreaded double booking. This is one reason why your business needs a booking system.

Why do we need an app for that?

Some people may argue “Why do you need an app for that when someone can simply write it down?”

There are a few counters to this. The first is to assume that everyone has perfect handwriting and you never misinterpret a booking or that you write something down in the wrong space and book someone in at the wrong time.

With an app, this is less likely as you have to key in the information, making it much easier for people to see. Furthermore, the clients themselves can add the event to their own calendar, allowing them to create reminders and further reducing the risk of a missed date or a double booking.

Can I make specific enquiries?

One of the good things about a bespoke app is that it is not a template. You are not restricted by a uniform setup that only allows a certain amount of information. You know your business better than anyone so you can include what you want.

For example, restaurants could include spaces for specific dietary information such as whether someone is vegetarian, vegan or has an allergy. It could also allow for any specific requests regarding seating arrangement (if the restaurant is near the sea, then you may get people wanting to request a seaview). With venues organising events you could also use it to provide specific information on issues such as nearby parking and accommodation.

How will you make this work?

Streamsoft has developed its bespoke software and app solutions based on what people want. Typically, this starts with an initial discussion process as we see what people want from their app and how we can deliver on those requirements.

This then goes into the initial design and testing phase as we can show people how the process is going while the app is being created, ironing out any issues in the process.

Finally once the app is ready to go live we can get it out into the world and make adjustments according to feedback from your customers.

Find out more

It can’t be emphasised enough that every business is different- what works for one business may not be appropriate for others. This is why our focus is on developing something with your requirements in mind. It is easier to show you what we mean, so if you want to find out more please contact Streamsoft today and we will be happy to go over any questions you have and work towards developing an app that is specifically set up with your business in mind.