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How to streamline your business operations

At this point most people are familiar with the concept of clearing out clutter, making life simpler by removing the things that no longer provide satisfaction. This can equally apply to your business and with the right strategy you can learn how to streamline your business operations and increase your overall productivity.

Avoid software bloat

Are you using all the programs in your software? The chances are you are not and this could be making your computer run slower and less efficiently. This is one of the reasons why we recommend bespoke software as it tackles this particular issue.

Automate payment systems

Accounting software can be useful for a number of different reasons. One way to increase its effectiveness is by choosing a setup that allows for automated invoices and payment reminders. It can also work the other way as well, so if you need to do regular payments online (for example electricity bills) then the setup can do that for you.

Deal with FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are those enquiries that come up a lot. Having to answer them can take up unnecessary time. There are ways around this- an FAQ page is a way of directing people to answers they need, while people making online enquires can be directed to a chatbot that could cover these (if they can’t handle a more specific enquiry then they can be directed to a customer service agent that can handle something that requires it).

It is also possible to use automated menus and systems to provide FAQ information for people contacting you via the phone as well as helping to direct customers to the relevant department.

Use scheduling software

Scheduling can be a nightmare, especially for businesses that require flexible working hours like retail or hospitality. Scheduling software makes it easier to keep track of who has worked what hours as well as how much they have earned in real time.

Is a meeting necessary?

A common complaint among workers is about unnecessary meetings taking up time. Before you schedule a meeting, it is worth considering whether or not the information you want to impart would be more effectively received in an email.

Get feedback

One of the best resources in terms of improving your business is to ask your customers for feedback. Some businesses include additional incentives such as discounts or giveaways in order to encourage more enagement.

It is also worth keeping an eye on reviews and social media- Negative posts can be turned around if you respond in a positive way and work to resolve any issues people may have, which in turn could provide lessons for your business going forward.

We want to help you

Streamsoft has always been committed to helping businesses become more efficient and cut out a lot of the issues that can come as a result of needless additional software and inefficiency. To find out more about how we can create a bespoke solution to streamline your business please contact us today.