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Forget the cards- The benefit of online loyalty apps

Loyalty cards can be a great way to get people coming back to your business. Everyone enjoys a freebie, so it is nice to give back a coffee or snack in exchange for a certain number of purchases. However, there are some issues with physical loyalty cards and an app can give people that same satisfaction without the additional hassle.

Cards get lost

For a customer, this is potentially an issue. Someone goes to a networking event and gets a load of business cards. A couple of months later their wallet is full and they decided to clear out their wallet. Without knowing it, they have unwittingly cleared out free coffee and cake alongside the cards!

Potential abuse

Some companies get around people abusing the loyalty card system with specific stamps but this does mean you need to make sure you keep buying in a specific stamp that nobody else can use, adding to your costs.

Printing costs money

High quality, bespoke cards cost money. Even with the most basic of card designs, the cost can add up. The benefit of an app is that once you have created it you are not going to continually spend money giving someone a new card each time they lose it.

More targeted offers

While it is perfectly fine to have a basic offer for everyone (the classic being a free coffee after buying five, six or however many you put on the card), what can be even more effective is targeting offers based on what people order. Using the loyalty card in conjunction with a food ordering system will make it easier to offer loyalty rewards based on what people buy and what will specifically appeal to them.

Easy to do

A loyalty app can include QR codes, making it easier for people to join and to get virtual stamps after each payment. You can also use loyalty programs to create coupons, ideal if you want to trial a new product or increase demand.

Keep things fresh

Another way to encourage more footfall using a loyalty app is to keep changing up the special offers. A person is more likely to come in for a specific offer (for example a 2 for 1 discount on a Monday or a different special meal deal each day) then they will be solely to get their eventual free coffee on their loyalty card.

Using the information on the app can also allow you to tailor offers, such as free cakes on someone’s birthday.

We want to help

Every business has different requirements which is why at Streamsoft we design our app solutions specifically for each client we work with, from the initial pitch right up to the final live testing. To find out more about what we have to offer please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the options available to you and come up with a solution specifically suited to the needs of your business.