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Five benefits of bespoke software

When people see the term “bespoke” it often evokes the idea of something extravagant, as if you are spending on something a little luxurious. However, bespoke software is not a luxury. With the right approach it can actually save you money and make your business more productive in the long term. Here are five benefits of using bespoke software.

Best suited to you

A “one size fits all” option is fine, so long as it has the features you want and is appropriate to your business. Often, issues can arise when software is not designed with your particular industry in mind and can lead to wasted time as you try to find ways around it.

Cut needless waste

The chances are the software you use has a number of features that you never touch. You are paying for those additional, needless features. With a bespoke setup, everything that you get is what you need.

No need to retrain

Companies develop and grow.  Inevitably this means that their needs in terms of what their IT can provide changes as well. Over time, this means that software either has to grow and develop or needs to be replaced. If the latter is true, then you will need to spend time with your team learning a new system.

With a bespoke setup, you can adjust as necessary, putting in the features best suited to your company and with no need to worry about whether or not it will integrate with your current hardware. There is also the added benefit that because this is your specific software you have sole ownership, something that can be an issue when it comes to licensed programs.

More secure

By definition, it is harder for a hacker to break into a bespoke setup. If companies use a similar template, then this also means there are similar gaps the hacker can exploit (often these vulnerabilities are well known.) This is a lot harder when something has been created with a particular company in mind.

Your unique setup

If you think about it, a bespoke software setup is a great marketing tool for your company in and of itself. It sends out a positive message, that you are prepared to invest a bit more and have confidence in what you have to offer, as well as wanting to give your team the best possible tools for the job.

We can make it happen

At Streamsoft we work closely with our clients, going over all their needs and coming up with software that is specifically geared toward their individual requirements. We begin with an initial consultation and keep our clients in the loop right up to the time the setup goes live, allowing us to make adjustments based on your feedback.

By the nature of what we do, every single piece of software will vary depending on the client. For more information on a bespoke software setup that is unique to you, please contact us today.