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10 reasons why your business needs a mobile app

In recent times, businesses have needed to adapt more than ever. Whether it’s home delivery, click and collect or making a reservation, businesses need to be able to meet their customer’s needs. With more people using their phones to find what they need online, here are ten reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

Be there for your customers

On average, people spend two hours a day on their phone. Therefore it makes sense to be available on the platform they use.

More revenue options

As stated before, a mobile app makes it easier for someone to arrange a home delivery or click and collect, something that can be handy to be ready for any future events that could impact your business.

Help build your brand

A unique app will help build your brand as it will be unique to your business.

Information access

Alongside machine learning tools, mobile apps make it a lot easier to analyse data and adjust your business to suit your customer’s needs.

More efficient customer service

The use of chatbots, FAQs and more efficient helpdesks can make the experience of mobile interaction with your business less frustrating for your customers. By offering a direct chat system it can also make feedback more effective for them too.

Better for advertising

The information that you get with mobile apps will make it easier to create targeted advertising for your customers.

Better loyalty programs

While the old style paper and card loyalty systems were great, it can be better to have a system that is tailored to people ordering your products and services through their phone (plus less wasted paper and card on something that’s likely to get lost when someone throws out their old receipts!)

Get an edge on the competition

By having a bespoke setup designed for your customers that is exclusive to you, this will give you something that your competitors simply won’t have.

Don’t get left behind

In addition to this, it is estimated that two thirds of businesses have plans for their own form of bespoke setup (this survey was produced in 2017, so it is likely that a number of these apps are out there already).

Have an app that grows with your business

At Streamsoft, we specialise in software that is bespoke. As well as being made for your needs in the present, it also applies to software that can adjust and adapt to your needs as your business grows. This final point of why your business should have a mobile app is specific to us- we will be there to ensure your mobile app can be adjusted to suit the needs of your customer base as it grows.

Talk to us

To find out more about Streamsoft and how we develop our bespoke mobile applications for your business (from the initial pitch through to the final live testing) please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.